About GlobalProductPrices.com

We track the retail prices of a wide range of goods, services, and global brands across countries.

The data are collected by our in-house team without automation. In each country, we identify at least three sources of price data such as large store chains and online sellers. If these sources provide different information, we identify additional sources until we can calculate a reliable country average price with as little standard deviation as possible. The analysis is based on a preliminary research into the main retailers in each country as well as the most popular brands for each product group.

The data can be used by a wide range of people who need to evaluate cost differences across countries as well as business analysts who need to track price developments for a particular product group.

Our team

Our team includes several analysts with graduate degrees in economics or finance and is headed by Neven Valev (Google Scholar, LinkedIn, personal site), a Ph.D. economist with over 15 years experience as professor of economics. Neven has published over 30 academic papers on international economics as well as numerous practitioner reports and media articles. Our team works as a research institute with the highest possible level of rigor adopted from academic research.

We also run www.globalpetrolprices.com that provides data on retail fuel, electricity, and natural gas prices around the world and www.theglobaleconomy.com that tracks the key macroeconomic indicators of over 200 countries. We have been online since 2012.

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